Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Honda to introduce three new hybrid cars

HondaCRZHybridWhite Japanese carmaker Honda has made a huge announcement with just two weeks left before the Beijing International Auto Show – by declaring it will introduce three new hybrid cars in the China region.

In total, Honda will introduce more than 10 new and full model change Honda models over three years – from 2013-2015. Indeed it hopes to double its 2011 unit sales in the country by 2015.

The three hybrid models heading to the Chinese market are: the Honda CR-Z (pictured), the Honda Insight and the Honda Fit Hybrid. Each is equipped with the Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system with Honda indicating it is also planning to introduce a new hybrid system that will be dedicated to mid- and large-sized vehicles; as well as a plug-in hybrid system. In addition, Honda will also introduce a new Acura NSX in China, which will use a sport hybrid all-wheel drive system.

In a further indication of its environmental efforts, Honda is also looking to move to new engines that use Earth Dreams Technology. It also hopes to produce hybrid cars locally in China; and it began demonstration testing of electric vehicles in Guangzhou last year.

It will extend its fuel saving philosophy to the Acura brand too. During this year it will introduce the Acura ILX, a small saloon car; as well as the Acura RDX, a small SUV, in China. All powertrains of Acura models will be renewed by the end of 2015.

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