Friday, April 20, 2012

Justin Bieber Didn’t Buy $10m House

Justin-Bieber TEEN dream Justin Bieber has denied splashing out on a $10 million dream house, saying he’s still hunting for a pad where he can feel safe.

The 18-year-old megastar admits househunting has been made much harder due to his very specific demands

. “I am still looking for a new house,” says Justin.

“I am still looking for the perfect house. I like modern but not too uncomfortable. It has to have good enough security that is my biggest concern.”

Bieber recently insisted he won’t launch a rap career.

“A lot of countries don’t get rap music,” he said. “It is a lot bigger in the US and Canada but not everywhere.

“I am a singer — that is my passion, Rapping is something that I like to do for fun.”

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